Little Rugby offers three different football classes tailored to all different age groups

Our classes and our approach

It’s important never to under-estimate the positive sense of pride and achievement that an active participation in any sport can engender. Irrespective of one’s natural ability and at what level one competes, the real joy of sport is the unrivalled sense of camaraderie and get-up-and-go that it instils in participants of all ages. 

We know children learn through play and interactions with the environment around them. Free play develops creativity. Structured play develops focus, co-operation and leadership. That’s why so many parents are eager to get their little boys and girls into the game, and it’s never too early to start!

Our tailor-made programme seeks to let every child develop at his or her own pace, by playing alongside other kids of similar ages and abilities. In short, we have 3 age groups: Junior, Mighty and Mega Rugby, each providing a specific set of learning objectives in an environment that allows each child to quickly find his or her feet.

They might not become the next Johnathon Thurston or David Campese’s.. But they have a better chance to excel on the field of life.

Non-contact games that centre around developing core skills like: evasive running, passing, catching, balance, physical agility, teamwork, listening, understanding and responding to instructions, hand-eye co-ordination... Little Rugby develops them all.

Of course, it’s all safe, and supervised by highly-trained instructors using the right equipment and facilities appropriate to each age group.

If you’d like to know how Little Rugby started you can read more about us here.


To find out about our tailored rugby classes click on the links below:

Junior Rugby

For 2 years to 3 ½ years

Mighty Rugby

For 3 ½ years to 5th birthday

Mega Rugby

For 5 years to 7th birthday 


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