Mighty Rugby. Little Rugby rugby classes and games for 3.5 years to 5th birthday

Mighty Rugby

3 ½ years to 5th birthday


You need to stay with your children, but you don’t have to take part.


Your child might be making their first steps into a sporting activity, or have moved up from our Junior Rugby class, or have experience of other preschool and group class environments. 


This set of classes offers greater skill acquisition and match play. Our games are fast-paced and bring more rugby rules and techniques into play. But it’s still all about fun. Children begin to understand the importance of team play and matches are gradually introduced. 


This age group should be fully independent, however on occasion if a child is particularly shy or nervous, parents are welcome to help the while they get settled into their new class. 


Key Features:

- Children play independently of their parent/guardian
- 45-minute class
- Weekly classes
- Two coaches for up to 18 children (max)

- Each new starter receives a rugby kit


Play, Practice & Understanding

Mighty Rugby classes incorporate our rounded learning approach of play, practice and understanding. Play is the motivator and promotes continued and repeated practice. 

We believe in not only teaching the children how to perform the skills, but also to understand why and where to use the skill in the real world. That insight is key to all areas of our curriculum: 

- Personal, social and emotional development,

- Communication, language & literacy,

- Mathematical development,

- Knowledge & understanding of the World,

- Physical development,

- Creative development. 



Mighty Rugby teaches the fundamentals of football in a fun learning environment through a series of games using our tried and tested structure. The stages of development below outline our expectations for this age group:

Stages of Development
Social, Emotional & Cognitive
  • Good peer interaction and participation in class.
  • Develops a strong sense of identity within the group.
  • Understands basic concepts of team play.
  • Awareness of surroundings improves.
  • Actively involved in creative play.
  • Confident to play, think and visually assess during a game situation.
  • Emphasis on warm up / cool down and stretching improves physical fitness.
  • Children are aware of themselves in the environment.
  • Basic ability to travel with the ball where they choose and how they choose.
  • Children demonstrate understanding of control and can exercise control in their movements.
Rugby Specific
  • Able to securely control the ball while running at speed.
  • Develops good evasive running and basic agility skills.
  • Can competently pass and catch the ball with peers. 
  • Can perform a range of different passing techniques.
  • Understands tagging etiquette. 
  • Introduction to match play with focus on positional play and understanding attacking and defending roles.
  • Introduction to kicking technique 


Things start to get very exciting at the Mighty Rugby age group. This is where all the skills learnt to date are transferred into team play and basic Rugby matches.

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