Little Rugby was founded in 2002 for preschool children and children upto 7 years old.

Our story


After the successful launch and international expansion of Little Kickers Football Programs, it became apparent that there was a huge interest among the Rugby League & Union community for a non-contact, safe program for young children to engage in before moving into club competitions.

Using the same underpinning principles and philosophy, which has proven a global success for over 45,000 children participating in Little Kickers, Little Rugby was born. A fun, friendly introduction for children aged 2 – 7 years to discover the world of Rugby.

Having analysed both Rugby League and Rugby Union with experts from each code, we have devised a comprehensive, fun-packed programme that offers a truly enjoyable and involving first introduction to non-contact/tag rugby, that appeals to pre-school boys and girls of all sporting backgrounds and abilities.

By drawing upon the many learnings of our award-winning Little Kickers football franchise, we’ve been able to assemble a thoughtful and progressive programme of engaging, fun-based games that not only build upon core league & union competences such as running, kicking, throwing and catching, but also encompass broader sports-based skills such as balance, teamwork, physical agility, listening to instructions and hand-eye co-ordination which are also integral to any meaningful, long-term appreciation of team sport.

Facilitated by experienced coaches in a safe training environment, whom come equipped with our purpose designed equipment (including posts for conversions!). You have all the elements for a lifelong appreciation of physical exercise and the oval-shaped ball.

We’re constantly enhancing our product and were always happy to hear from people whom want to become franchisees and experience a better work/life balance while running a successful business.

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